Before And After

Before And After

Before and After photos are a staple of the diet industry, and for good reason. There is no better incentive for a consumer than the vision of something better–particularly if that “better thing” makes them look good.

To accurately and effectively promote your business, you too should imagine your before and after.

What is your customer’s pain? What obstacle keeps him or her from the after?  What have they likely tried before that has failed?

What is the after you are offering your customers? What do they gain through their experience with you?

The answer to your “after” is not simply a product. Pizza Hut, for example, must offer more than pizza.  The founder of Revlon, Charles Revson, famously claimed that he sold hope, not makeup.

The answer to your “after” includes not just what your customers will have, but what they will feel, how their daily lives might change, and most powerfully, how they feel about themselves.

Suburban dad buys donuts on Saturday

A suburban dad hops in the car on a Saturday morning to get donuts for his kids.  
Before: No donuts.  After: Donuts. Simple enough, right?

But what about the other components of this “after”? He has donuts, but he feels like Saturday’s hero. He has, in fact, marked a very special day of spending more time with this kids. In this case, the after is notable because it is “out of the ordinary.” Finally, he perceives himself to be a good dad–a powerful motivator for future donut purchases.