Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

In our last post, we discussed how important it is that you have an effective LinkedIn profile that catches the eye of potential connections.  Once your profile meets the criteria that we have laid out for you, then it’s time to make your LinkedIn profile work for you and engage people who are interested in what you do.  The online advertising agency that you use needs to have an understanding of the basic concepts needed to generate leads and connections.  Three ways that will help you generate connections on LinkedIn are being socially interactive, using videos/images, and use the correct settings.

As the last post mentioned, LinkedIn is a part of our ever growing social media world, but you must treat LinkedIn as it is intended, which is as a social media platform for professionals.  Like most social media platforms, a good way to socially interact using LinkedIn is to comment on videos or blogs or other content that you see.  Some people make the mistake of simply “liking” a post instead of commenting.  This is when LinkedIn is being treated more like Facebook instead of a tool for professionals.  If you write a well thought out comment, multiple people who are following the same source that you are commenting on will see your photo and if your comment is appealing to them, they are more inclined to view your profile. This means that you want to subscribe to different groups on LinkedIn that others who are looking for somebody like you might be subscribed to as well. Also, interacting with people by commenting on somebody’s profile picture, or their new job is also a good way to be socially interactive on LinkedIn.  Next, let’s discuss how powerful the use of videos and images in your posts can be.

By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video related.  So you might as well start getting accustomed to using video online and using it on LinkedIn to help attract new connections.  This was touched on in the last post briefly but using effective video goes a long way in attracting a customer.  Having a video introducing yourself, giving people an overall idea of what you have done, and of course describe what you are going to do for that new connection is a good way to market yourself.  Using video gives the viewer an idea what you look like, what you sound like, and allows people to see your body language, something you can’t see just by reading somebody’s blog.  Including video testimonials from your current customers explaining what you did for them and the success they enjoyed is very powerful and is something that people who might want to connect with you would want to see.  Video is just another form of online advertising that’s going to continue to be pushed as time continues to go on.  Lastly, you want to make sure your profile is set to the right settings for engagement.

For almost a year now, LinkedIn has a setting that lets you make your status updates public, allowing anybody to see what you post.  In the past, only the people you were already connected with were the ones who can see your posts, but now everybody on LinkedIn can see your posts, and you can also track the number of your engagements to give you insights into what posts are effective or not.  See the image below for more detail on how to make your posts public.


If you want to learn more about generating leads using LinkedIn, check out our webinar titled “How to dominate LinkedIn Without making it a full time job