How To Get Your LinkedIn Profile Ready To Find Connections

How To Get Your LinkedIn Profile Ready To Find Connections

When it comes to building connections, LinkedIn has changed the game.  With over 467 million users, LinkedIn if used correctly, can connect you with potential customers who are looking for exactly what you can offer them.  It’s imperative that the online advertising agency that you choose are up to par on effectively using LinkedIn in the way which will generate connections for you and your customers.  Before you are ready to find connections, your LinkedIn profile needs to have an effective profile picture, be used correctly, and show proof of the work you do.

A common mistake that people make when setting up their LinkedIn profile is that they either don’t have a good picture, they have a picture of something else that isn’t their face, or they don’t even have a picture at all.   Some might think that your picture might not have a whole lot of meaning but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Your LinkedIn profile picture is the first thing the viewer will see when they look at your profile, and first impressions are everything.  While it might be funny to have a goofy picture on your profile, if you want to build connections, you want a good professional headshot of yourself that shows your potential connection that you are serious about what it is that you do. After this, you are ready to focus on how you are going to use your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn users can make the mistake of treating their profile like other social media platforms.  LinkedIn is a professional oriented social networking platform, so leave the posts that pertain to your social life to Facebook and Instagram not LinkedIn.  First, potential customers want to see a summary that’s short, but effective that tells a story on how you are going to improve the lives of your potential customers.  Visuals like an introduction video of yourself, is a good tool to use on your summary page, that way your viewers get to see your body language and hear your voice, which can go a long way in them being more comfortable with you.  It’s also important to list your skills, education, and your work history. You don’t have to list every single job you have done throughout your career, but you want to give potential connections an idea of what past experiences you have.  Once your profile has these elements, then it’s time to show off the work that you do that will make the lives of your customers better.

It’s important that when you are advertising yourself using LinkedIn, you give your potential connections plenty of examples of the work that you can do for them. Not only do clearly written and detailed endorsements help a lot, you also want to add a link to your website, blog, or any other relevant content that gets across the mind of the viewers looking at your profile. You can give people an idea of what you do with your LinkedIn profile, but showing them proof of your work can go a long way.

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