Joining LinkedIn For The First Time And Not Sure What To Think?

Joining LinkedIn For The First Time And Not Sure What To Think?

For the longest time, people have been telling me to get on LinkedIn, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally took the step to join the professional social networking website.  If I wasn’t doing an internship for an online advertising agency that has developed a series of steps to help generate leads for your LinkedIn profile, then I probably still wouldn’t be on LinkedIn.  Initially, I didn’t think there was a whole lot that went in to setting up a profile, but after spending some time learning all the different settings and features available, it’s definitely a multi-step process to getting your profile all set up.  In this post we will discuss what to expect when you first create your account, finding connections, and using the right profile settings.

When you first create your account, aside from filling out your name, you are asked to post a picture along with filling out current and past job experience and education.  As we have touched on in previous posts, the first thing you should do is put up a good, professional-looking profile picture. After this, you are asked to detail your previous and current work experience. You can skip past this step if you feel inclined and go straight to listing your education.  I went ahead and filled out my education instead of listing my job experience which I plan to add later on in developing my profile.

Once I got past the initial set-up, my timeline started showing articles that are related to the University I attend.  I also noticed that LinkedIn recommends articles that have nothing to do with my school, but they must think that I would want to read them anyways.  Funny thing is, I didn’t have any interest in any of these articles!  Not sure how LinkedIn thinks I’m interested in these articles, but maybe that’s for another blog post.

The second thing I noticed was that LinkedIn gives you a lot of potential people that you can connect with right off the bat if you choose to.  I found it fascinating that a lot of the people that I was recommended to connect with are people that I know.  As somebody who is not very active on other social media platforms, I have to scratch my head at how LinkedIn seems to know that I know these people but it’s very impressive.

After looking through all the profile settings, I was amazed at how much control LinkedIn gives you over your account.  At the top of the settings page, it will say “your name is the boss of your account” and they really mean it. You have control over things like being able to see who views your profile, who can see your connections, and even who can see your last name.  It’s a good thing to get accustomed to all the many settings LinkedIn has to offer and set your profile to the right settings, some of which have been mentioned in our last two posts.

Hopefully, this gives users who are thinking about signing up for LinkedIn (do it!) an idea of what they can expect when they first sign up.  After you sign up, be sure to sign up for our webinar “How to dominate LinkedIn Without making it a full time job”