Why Your LinkedIn Profile Needs An Awesome Headline

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Needs An Awesome Headline

As we continue with our current blog series discussing LinkedIn, one of the things we want to continue to stress is the importance of setting up your profile in the correct manner that will bring new connections to you and not keep them away.  Recently, we wrote about what you should expect from LinkedIn in the not too distant future, but now we want to take a couple steps back to something a lot of LinkedIn users seem to miss which is writing a headline the right way.  In this post, we will discuss the right way to write a compelling headline that will bring the connections to you!

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when setting up their LinkedIn profile is they don’t write a good headline at the top of their profile.  Most users write their headline like they are writing a resume.  Resumes can tend to be very formal and rigid which will not catch the eye of a potential connection.  You want to come across as legit and personal, and that your services matter to the potential connections that are viewing your profile.  Tell a story that will resonate and attract those connections to a point where they are wondering if you are reading their mind!

Next you want to include a call to action, tell them why they need you.  It’s likely that you and somebody else offer the same sort of service that certain connections might be looking for.  Your online advertising agency wouldn’t be doing their job if they couldn’t come up with a headline that perfectly describes what you do and also a headline that is going to catch their eye and be more appealing.

While we suggest not writing your profile headline to sound like a resume, we do believe it’s important to include aspects of your resume on your profile, just not in the headline. The place to do this is would be in the experience section.  Outside of your headline the experience section is one of the more viewed parts of a LinkedIn profile.  Under experience, you want to explain what you have done in the past, but your main focus wants to be on what you do now, since this is what the viewers of your profile are most concerned about.  We suggest including a sentence and a bullet point or two detailing your experiences from pervious jobs where you developed the skills and abilities to do the current job you are seeking.

The reason we continue to discuss how vital it is that your profile meet the specific requirements we continue to talk about is because it’s easy to fall in the trap of having a very “basic” profile that’s not drawing any traffic and you don’t know exactly what to do.  If you focus on writing a good headline, you have already taken a major step in making your profile better than it was before which will be more appealing to the LinkedIn community.

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