Episode 1 – A Podcast To Help You Learn Online Marketing


Get to know us (Cory Huddleston and Mike Tobias) as we share our story of why we have a heart to help you grow your business and teach you digital marketing and media. The Market Like A Pro podcast is all about learning online marketing so you can grow your business. Each week we will have a new podcast and amazing guest speakers who are experts in their field of digital marketing sharing insights and best practices.


  •  2:00  Cory’s background
  •  8:00  Mike’s background
  • 12:00 Influencer marketing
  • 12:40 Authority marketing
  • 13:00 What’s the opportunity for you
  • 15:00 Value first mindset
  • 17:30 Gary Vaynerchuk success story
  • 18:00 See yourself doing this
  • 20:00 Starting at zero
  • 23:00 Be a guide, host and teacher
  • 25:00 Will this work for you?
  • 27:50 Cory’s Optimus Prime impression
  • 28:15 Serving your audience
  • 29:00 Learning to use digital media
  • 30:00 Living a life of freedom – Overcome fear
  • 32:00 Takeaways and Challenge
  • 33:50 How “The Magic of Thinking Big” changed my life
  • 36:00 How Mike’s daughter went from 16-year old to YouTube star