What You Need To Know Before Advertising

What You Need To Know Before Advertising

A great marketing strategy will help drive sales and grow your business.  Before they spend money driving traffic, successful companies establish their brand, create valuable content, develop a strong website, and have an effective call to action plan.

The first thing you want to grasp in building an effective marketing strategy is branding. Your brand is not only essential to you but it’s everything to drawing customers in.  You can’t effectively sell your product or service if you don’t know what your brand is.  Understanding where you fit in the marketplace and how your customer sees you, is essential to creating a strong brand identity.   For example, at Lure Studios we like to use the fishing analogy when talking about our brand identity.  We teach our customers how to fish. We first find out what kind of fish our customers are looking for then after knowing who they are going after, we find out where they like to swim. We then determine the bait that will help our clients lure their customers in.  We help our clients identify who they are going after specifically, what they need to do to get in front of them, and how their product or service will make their customers lives better.  Once you have your brand identity solidified, then you are ready to create meaningful content.

You can create content practically any-time and any-where.  Whether it’s creating videos, blogging, podcasts, or webinars, the ways to market yourself by creating content are virtually endless.  What distinguishes good content from bad content is whether your customer views it as valuable.  Some people spend a lot of brainpower trying to figure out what good content is but in reality, the answer is practice makes perfect.  If you are writing a blog, podcasting, or making videos, don’t stop after doing it a couple times if it’s no good.  Keep doing it and don’t quit.  Good content creators believe in what they are doing and that’s why they don’t stop.  Bad content creators, don’t believe in what they are doing, which is why after a few videos and blog posts, they stop.  You also want your content to be clear and concise.  Your content needs to tell a story that your customers can relate to. Customers are more prone to do business with you if they can relate to you.  For example, Lure Studios targets small to medium sized businesses and we communicate with the owners/CEO’s.  We do this because entrepreneurs of small to medium sized businesses tend to run into the same issues, therefore we are able to relate directly with other entrepreneur’s because we have been there! Which lead us to your ultimate story telling tool, your website.

In order to tell your story to customers effectively, you need to have a great website.   Not only because there are over 3 billion people that use the internet, having a good website is a 24/7 sales pitch for your business.  That’s why it’s important to have good content that is updated regularly and keeps telling your story in an exciting and fresh manner in which people want to come back to your website to see what’s new.   When creating content for your website, the successful companies make it easy to navigate their site as well as providing enough links to “bait” you in to learning more about what you do.  It’s important that your website keep the copy short and to the point.  You should be able to tell your potential customer what you are going to do for them in a few short sentences. A lot of times when writing copy for a website, we think it’s in our best interest to write a lot of words with a lot of detail.  While having as much detail as you can is good, try to explain what it is you do in a few three sentence paragraphs. According to TIME magazine, the average adult has an attention span of 8 seconds, which is worse than a Goldfish who has an attention span of 9 seconds!  You want to keep your copy short and effective instead of long, because if that copy is long, hardly anybody will want to read it.  Second, you want to understand the audience that you are trying to pursue when writing copy.  For example, if you own a fitness equipment store, you want to write copy in the language that an owner of a health club or a personal trainer is going to understand.  If you don’t know your audience, it becomes very hard to write copy that is appealing to that particular customer.

Successful businesses websites are more visually pleasing with effective videos and graphics instead of a lot of copy.  After building an appealing website that makes it easy for viewers to navigate, in addition to having good content that gets your story across, then you are ready to call your customers to action.

Once you have baited the customer, you need to develop a call to action plan where you and the potential customer can discuss how you are going to change their lives.  For example, when a potential customer reaches out to Lure Studios initially through our website, we will conduct strategy sessions, webinars and have a phone call with the owner/CEO to discuss what it is we can do to help them. When doing a call of action, you want to establish goals because you can’t influence customers until you know how you are going to help them.  You also want to show your potential customers a sense of urgency.  Give them a reason where they want to act now and if they don’t they are going to miss out on the incredible services that you are going to offer them.  Once you have developed a call to action, then you are ready for traffic.

Last, but arguably most important is driving traffic to your website.  This is the time where you draw people to your brand.  You can now promote everything that you have done from paragraphs one through four.  You want to have established what exactly it is that you do. This is the time to buy Facebook and Google Ads which will start bringing an audience to your website.

One of the most if not the most important duties of anybody trying to ace the mystery of driving traffic is mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is something that never stops and you have to be doing it on a regular basis.  It’s not just about drawing the traffic and continuing to draw traffic, but it’s also about keeping the traffic..  Which takes us back to content, if your content is appealing and updated very frequently, that makes building the following for your website less sophisticated and SEO’s love websites with fresh and updated content.  It’s important that you understand the key search terms that relate to what you do, so that when potential customers are looking for your service, they are directed straight to your website.

Now you can see that it’s imperative that before you spend money to draw traffic you need to establish your brand, create valuable content, develop a strong website, and have an effective call to action plan.