Why New College Graduates Should Be On LinkedIn

Why New College Graduates Should Be On LinkedIn

Students getting ready to graduate from college face many challenges.  One of the biggest challenges is finding that first job that gets their career kick started. Not only is this the first step to paying off all that student debt, but it also lays the groundwork from what they will be doing for the next 40 or so years.  As somebody who is graduating in a week, I’m faced with the challenge of finding that initial job.  Since I’ve been interning at Lure for the last 15 weeks, I have learned that LinkedIn is vital for building connections which leads to jobs.  In this post, we will talk why college students getting ready to graduate need to be on LinkedIn, why they need to be posting content, and why the need to actively engage building out their connections.

When I started working at Lure back in January, my knowledge of LinkedIn on a scale of 1-10 was probably a 1.5 which I would say is being generous.  Little did I know that Lure had built out a webinar series that explains how to generate leads using LinkedIn.  If we look back at one of our previous blogs, we wrote about what LinkedIn might look like for a first time user.  This was my first experience ever using LinkedIn, and as stated in that post, it’s fascinating what LinkedIn is capable of if used correctly. In one of my classes recently, I overheard some of my fellow classmates talking to each other about LinkedIn and how they don’t think it’s a valuable tool. Sad thing is, this was me before the start of this semester.  All I thought LinkedIn was before my internship was basically Facebook for professionals.  While that is the view that some have about LinkedIn, it’s not entirely true.

In previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of having the right settings.  I won’t go too deep into that since we have touched on it before, but always set your profile settings to public.  If you are on private, it becomes more difficult for a potential connection to view your profile and they will most likely pass over you and look for somebody else.  As somebody who has always kept a private profile on all social media platforms, this is the one I have made an exception for because you want your LinkedIn profile to be as open as possible.

In my social media days, I have never been one to post a lot of content.  I usually use social media to keep up with the current news, and see what others are posting.  This is fine if that’s how you use your Facebook and Twitter account, but when trying to generate leads using LinkedIn, it’s important to post content that is relevant to what you do.  When posting good content, your first degree connections will see your posts and have the option of sharing, liking, or commenting on your posts.  If your post is shared by another connection, then the connections they have will see those posts, which could always open the door to that connection needing your services.

This brings us to our last point which is building out your connections, and I think this is the most important. Once you get on LinkedIn, you need to start connecting with people instantly. When you start connecting with people, LinkedIn gives you suggestions based off of who they are connected to.  I’m still in my early days of LinkedIn and building out my profile, but my suggestion is the more the merrier. At first, go ahead and send a request to connect to the guy you barley knew in high school.  It’s another connection, and you never know where it might lead.

My advice to anybody who is looking for either a job or an internship is to start off by building out your LinkedIn profile and really working on making it the best that it can be. Throughout this blog series, we have laid out the steps to success on LinkedIn, and it’s our hope everybody succeeds on LinkedIn.   Be sure and check out our webinar titled “How to dominate LinkedIn Without making it a full time job” which will give you more insight on generating leads over LinkedIn.   It’s very possible that your awesome LinkedIn page could be what lands you that milestone first job or first client if you decide to freelance which is the reason you have been going to school and getting into student debt for all these years!