Three Major Trends That Will Greatly Affect LinkedIn

Three Major Trends That Will Greatly Affect LinkedIn

We are putting a lot of time and energy in using LinkedIn because marketing on LinkedIn works incredibly well. We also thought it would be a good idea to see if that was a good move for us into the future. This lead to the question, “Where will LinkedIn be in the next few years?” So, we sent our cracker jack team of researchers (ok it was our spring intern eating Cracker Jacks) on the task to figure it out. What he came back with was, well pretty astonishing. Knowing that every good blog post, research paper, and sermon all have 3 major points, we pushed him for three points, so here they are…

Here’s what you should be doing now to prepare for the LinkedIn of tomorrow, which includes the push to premium accounts, the rise of the freelancer and Artificial Intelligence.

LinkedIn is trying to push more users to sign up for premium accounts then they have in the past by recently cutting back on some of their free features. For example, the feature which tells you “how you rank” is no longer available for free.  As time moves on, expect more of LinkedIn’s new engagement tools and offerings to come with a price, whereas before, it was free.

LinkedIn is betting on a major trend in connecting and supporting freelancers.  LinkedIn ProFinder is a service that allows users to find freelancers and independent professionals in your area. We are starting to see a shift which has been predicted by many economists, of an economy where freelancers and independents are dominating their respective professions.  As this continues to progress, freelancers need to engage a digital marketing agency for generating leads, so they can effectively utilize LinkedIn to their advantage in order to give them the best opportunity to attract clients.  Currently, 35% of the American workforce is made up of freelancers, and in the next 5 years it’s estimated that around 50% of the U.S workforce will be freelancers.

Next, we will dive in to what Artificial Intelligence is currently doing on LinkedIn and how it will be used more and more in the future. Not only will Artificial Intelligence be a game changer (it already is) as time keeps progressing, it will change the way things are run on LinkedIn. If you are unfamiliar with A.I it’s basically a computer program that is able to learn like humans, but with reduced programming. A.I already is and will continue to free people up of having to do repetitive tasks like setting up your daily agenda, which allows you to focus on other things that are more complex and more beneficial.  As far as it pertains to LinkedIn, A.I will start connecting you with people who will benefit from you and vice versa as well as setting up meetings.  So a good example of A.I working for you is while you are trying to run your business or meet with potential customers, A.I can be out there finding more mutual beneficial connections for you on LinkedIn and setting up meetings.

LinkedIn is here to stay.  It’s important that your ad agency is able to help you set up a great profile so that you can generate more business.  With freelancers predicted to make up half the workforce in 5 years, and having access to a program like A.I to benefit your LinkedIn account, we are here to make your profile work for you and not against you. Be sure and sign up for our webinar “How to dominate LinkedIn Without making it a full time job”